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whelk meat

Whelks - Buccinum Undatum

Fished all year round. Largest landings
April - October
Cooked I.Q.F. packed Bulk Pack / 1KG Bag or Buyers specification.
400g clean Whelk meat
10g soaked mushrooms
cooked winter bamboo shoots
Cooking Method:
1. Clean the Whelk and cut each one into 1/4s, dip into 60 centigradeæ water and remove when half-done; remove the membrane, rub in cooking wine.
2. Slice the mushrooms and add fresh soup, salt, MSG, sugar, soy sauce, sesame oil and cornstarch to make a spicy sauce.
3. Saute chopped garlic, drop in the mushrooms, bamboo shoots and stir-fry; pour in the spicy saute, bring to the boil, add cornstarch solution, put in the whelk meat and toss a few times.